Monday, September 3, 2007

Experiencing Late Summer

It is September 3rd and you may not know about this fabulous season we're in. We are in the season of Late Summer. This is the time of the greatest expression for the element of Earth. It's a fabulous time when you can begin to see the multitudes of fresh vegetables and fruits coming forth in your garden and at your local farmer's market. The options for cooking and feeding yourself, friends and loved ones are enormous. You can have green, yellow, red, and many colors represented in each meal that you serve. A dear friend of mine has created the most amazing website that will help you embrace the foods of the season. It is called Figs with Bri, by Briana. I hope you will take a moment to go discover how you can connect with all the beautiful fruits and vegetables that the plant people are offering.

How can you connect to the earth in you? You can experience a great harvest and prepare a meal with local and seasonal foods. You can find a way to nourish your mind and your spirit as well. What about doing something for yourself this week? A nice quiet bath, a relaxing massage, quiet time with a great book, giving yourself time to do that thing you've been putting off. Everyone has something that they could do for themselves, especially since we neglect this so often in our lives. So, this week, make the time for you. Nourish yourself and find what feeds you.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

What is Plant Spirit Medicine?

Plant Spirit Medicine touches the deepest part of your soul and restores your body, mind, and spirit into harmony and balance. You have spent your life up until now creating many experiences that might have brought on illness, stress, depression, physical problems, emotional and spiritual disconnection, and other conditions.  It can take a while for the plants to touch all of your life's experiences and bring balance to your body, mind and spirit. It is like peeling a spiritual onion. Each life experience may have many layers to it.

Plant Spirit Medicine calls on the use of Five Element Chinese Theory, Household Shamanism, and connection to the Plant Spirits.  Just as an aloe vera plant might help to soothe a burn, the spirit of a plant can help to soothe your spirit. Plant Spirit Medicine treats you at your core essence and works it way out into your spirit, mind and body. Treating symptoms is not the purpose of Plant Spirit Medicine, yet symptoms can and often do get addressed.

The five elements are Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire. Each person has a divine aspect of each of the five elements. You also have one of the five that seems to resonate more than the others. This is an aspect of your core essence and your ability to heal.

If you want to learn more about Plant Spirit Medicine, I suggest that you read the book by Teacher/Author Eliot Cowan titled Plant Spirit Medicine. Eliot Cowan and Alison Gayek also teach a Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner Training Course that I highly recommend. The experience of this class alone will deeply impact your life. Go to for more information.
My Blog:

My Journey as a Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner

Plant Spirit Medicine (PSM) has changed my life. Just the experience of taking the PSM course back in 2002/2003 was a life changing event. I was so lost in my life before that. Eliot Cowan is an amazing teacher. I learned so much about the natural cycles of life and began to explore the world around me in a different way. In August 2002, I began to receive PSM treatments from a fabulous practitioner in Asheville, NC. Healing is a hard path to walk down, but so worth the effort. Since then, I have experienced great healing in my life and walk in the world from a place of openness.

One of the things that this medicine has taught me is how to embrace each emotion and it's importance. Happiness seems to be the main emotion that our culture finds acceptable. Through this medicine I can now experience Anger, Sympathy, Grief, Fear, and Happiness. This might sound ridiculous to want to encourage the experience of anger, but what if all your life you never got angry at people when something really rubbed you wrong? What if you always tried to please everyone at the expense of yourself? It is time to stand in your own heart and live your life to the fullest...with each emotion coming up as appropriate.

In this BLOG, I will talk about many aspects of how Plant Spirit Medicine can create harmony and balance in your life.