Saturday, September 1, 2007

My Journey as a Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner

Plant Spirit Medicine (PSM) has changed my life. Just the experience of taking the PSM course back in 2002/2003 was a life changing event. I was so lost in my life before that. Eliot Cowan is an amazing teacher. I learned so much about the natural cycles of life and began to explore the world around me in a different way. In August 2002, I began to receive PSM treatments from a fabulous practitioner in Asheville, NC. Healing is a hard path to walk down, but so worth the effort. Since then, I have experienced great healing in my life and walk in the world from a place of openness.

One of the things that this medicine has taught me is how to embrace each emotion and it's importance. Happiness seems to be the main emotion that our culture finds acceptable. Through this medicine I can now experience Anger, Sympathy, Grief, Fear, and Happiness. This might sound ridiculous to want to encourage the experience of anger, but what if all your life you never got angry at people when something really rubbed you wrong? What if you always tried to please everyone at the expense of yourself? It is time to stand in your own heart and live your life to the fullest...with each emotion coming up as appropriate.

In this BLOG, I will talk about many aspects of how Plant Spirit Medicine can create harmony and balance in your life.

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